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The Penedès, the largest and most varied winegrowing region in Catalonia, is defined by the metropolitan areas of Barcelona to the north, and Tarragona to the south; the Mediterranean sea to the east, and the Serralada Precoastal region to the west.
This privileged location gives the region a specially varied bioclimate, reflected not only in the diversity of the flora and fauna of the plains and mountains, but also in the singularity of the different wines produced: the well known white wines and cava (Catalan champagne), and the excellent and largely unknown red wines.
The Penedès is a large region with a temperate Mediterranean climate but also microclimates created by the combination of its proximity to the sea and to the continental zone, and because of its altitude.

The main cultivation of the region, vines, make the countryside alter considerably with each season of the year. Spring begins with the flowering of the almond trees which are still grown for produce, and continues with the range of green tones that the different vine varieties offer.

Summers bring the uniformity of green vines and woodlands, with a sea of intense green. With Autumn come the yellows, ochres, reds and browns, beneath spectacular sunsets. Winters come with a brown smudged from the smoke of the burning vine, luring one to the open fire in the living room to taste the local wines and fresh olive oil from the arbequina olives: the second most important product of this region.




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