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SERVICES>The cellar boutique: wine and oil shop

Our restaurant does not have a wine menu as such, as we offer our guests the list of wine and cava from our wine-cellar. These wines and cava can be acquired from the boutique at warehouse price or served to you at your table with a fixed supplement.

The wine and cava from our wine-cellar are mostly from the Penedès region, although some come from other winegrowing areas in Catalonia. All our wine and cava come from cellars which produce their own products with maximum respect for the natural characteristics of each grape and harvest, and which are the fruit of a very caring and careful attention to the vines and in the wine-cellars.
The result of this dedication is a selection of wine and cava with an excellent quality-price balance.

The work of these wine- and cava-cellars offers results that are constantly improving in quality, with varieties of grapes that are recognized internationally, including some local varieties that had almost been forgotten in the elaboration of quality wines.

New techniques, together with the enthusiasm and eagerness to excel, are breaking the moulds of the clichés that existed in the Penedès. As well as the excellent white wine and cava being produced in this area, there are also great red wines emerging of a very high quality that are starting to reach the standards of some of the best European wines, although they have yet to develop their full potential.

It is also worth mentioning the Priorat region, whose wines, 10 years ago, were considered rough and of low quality. Other winegrowing regions such as the Empordà, the Terra Alta or the Conca de Barberà, are areas that are producing excellent wines, although they are still largely unknown in this field.

At the moment, our wine-cellar holds around 80 different wines, and we add to that weekly, as we continue to discover, taste and value new wines and cava.
We also sell the extra virgin olive oil from the region, elaborated with the local variety arbequina. The olive tree is the second main cultivation of the Penedès region, after the vine.



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